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Tired of being confused about the end of times? In 12 weeks, Dr. Day with Lillian McDermott will lead you to Good News of God's plan for salvation, even if you have never read the Bible.

Our current times have us all asking many questions. There is so much confusion and fear. It is time to understand God's plan.

This Bible study will be unique and not associated with any denomination. Dr. Lorraine Day has deeply researched the Greek Hebrew Bible. She will share her perspective based on over 30 years of study. She has the rare ability to reveal the meaning of the signs and symbols in this book. 

Dr. Day will be live allowing interactions during these 12 sessions.

Thousands follow Dr. Lorraine Day and her teachings through her websites and


Lillian McDermott is a graduate of Bible Study Fellowship, a 7-year non-denominational Bible study leadership program and a Certified Life Coach. Thousands follow Lillian on,, and